Need Help Maintaining Your Trees?

We provide tree pruning and trimming services in Knoxville, TN and all of the surrounding areas

Like every other aspect of your yard, you must maintain your trees every so often to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Since you can't do this alone, let Shelton's Tree Service take on the task. Depend on us for routine tree pruning and trimming services in Knoxville, TN or its surroundings. Our experts can work on trees of any size and haul away the debris as part of our tree trimming services.

When should you get your trees pruned?

If a tree looks overgrown, that's a major sign that you need tree pruning or trimming services ASAP. We also recommend letting us know if you notice:

  • Cracks in the bark
  • Diseased or dead limbs
  • Broken or crossing branches

We work with hazardous trees as needed too. Call us today to arrange for tree trimming services. We'll do everything possible to get your trees back in shape.