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Tree Services in Farragut

As a member of the community for 20 years, Shelton’s Tree Service has become the trusted resource for quality tree service in Farragut. This family-owned and operated business goes above and beyond to ensure that they consistently exceed their customer’s expectations for superior work and affordable prices. Their dedication to tree care in Farragut is exemplified by their choice to hire an in-house arborist to ensure that all services provided are horticulturally sound and in the best interest of their customers and their mature trees. So call 865-340-7230 knowing that you are working with the best tree service company in Farragut.

Your Farragut Tree Removal Experts

Removing a mature tree can be challenging for even the most skilled tree service. However, with over two decades of experience, the Shelton’s Tree Service team makes it look easy every time. From trees that are leaning or overhanging a structure to rotted and decaying ones, this team will get the tree down safely and right on budget. Call 865-340-7230 today for a free price quote to remove any tree causing you concern.

Professional Trimming And Pruning In Farragut

The Shelton’s Tree Service team is fortunate to have a licensed arborist training and guiding all trimming and pruning projects. With this added knowledge and experience, our staff delivers the highest quality tree care in the industry. From corrective pruning to remove malformed growth to shaping and thinning to increase the tree’s stability, our team is prepared to provide all the care your trees need to thrive. Call 865-340-7230 today for your free price quote.

Expert Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Storms and harsh weather can take their toll on your Farragut trees. From snapped branches to massive limbs that are damaged, it is vital to call 865-340-7230 to schedule an appointment with the experts at Shelton’s Tree Service to eliminate storm damage and clean up the debris. Hanging branches and damaged wood only add to your trees’ stress and the potential for damage to your home and property. In addition, you can limit the possibility of storm damage to your trees with storm preparation trimming and pruning that allows the brutal wind to pass through the tree canopy with minimal damage.

Expert Stump Grinding In Farragut

Decaying tree stumps on your property increase the likelihood of infestations of bugs, boring insects, and rodents while also creating quite an eyesore. However, you can eliminate all of these potential issues by calling 865-340-7230 to request a free price quote for stump grinding from Shelton’s Tree Service. Our team uses high-quality equipment to grind the stump below grade quickly and affordably so that you can enjoy the beautiful view across your property again.

Your Farragut Commercial Tree Services Partner

Professional tree service is essential for healthy and attractive mature trees at your commercial property. And thanks to the expertise and skill of the team at Shelton’s Tree Service, you can benefit from the professional service of a licensed arborist to ensure that your trees look their best and flourish for many years to come. Call 865-340-7230 and ask about creating a customized service plan for your trees to maximize your tree care budget and the visual appeal of your property.

Superior Emergency Tree Services

When you call Shelton’s Tree Service for emergency help, you know that over 20 years of dedication and experience are on the way to solve any tree-related issues on your residential or commercial property. Our staff is ready 24/7 to provide any service you need, from trimming large hanging branches to complete tree removal. And there is never any hidden fee or increased pricing for emergency service. Just call 865-340-7230 for the best emergency tree service in Farragut at the most affordable prices.

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