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There are many reasons you might be searching for reliable Knoxville tree removal. For example, there could be safety concerns from a tree leaning over your home or other structure, or the tree could be in declining health. But whatever the reason, you know that only a licensed, bonded, and insured Knoxville tree removal company should be hired to complete the task. Fortunately, Shelton’s Tree Service experts have over 20 years of experience providing the best tree removal service in Knoxville. And with a licensed arborist and tree surgeon on staff, you know that they will provide the highest quality tree removal while also taking all the safety precautions needed to protect your property and surrounding landscape. Call 865-340-7230 for a free price quote for any tree removal and stump grinding.

Potential Safety Issues Every Homeowner Should Consider

Of course, you never want to remove a mature tree that provides shade and adds beauty and value to your Knoxville property. However, when a tree has not received proper care, has been severely damaged, or is past its prime, the potential increases for costly and hazardous issues like injuries to your guests, your property, or nearby structures. The licensed arborist at Shelton’s Tree Service is here to assist you in making the sometimes difficult choice of when to remove a large tree. Some of the more common reasons to have a tree professionally removed include:

The Value Of Being Proactive

While it can be hard to decide to have a tree removed due to the cost or the visual loss, understand that being proactive is far more cost-effective and safer than waiting for the tree to fall or begin dropping branches. The experts at Shelton’s Tree Service provide the most competitive prices on tree and stump removal and are happy to schedule the work at your convenience. However, the removal can be far more complex and costly when you wait until the tree has fallen or is about to fall. Even worse, there could be added costs due to damage to your home, property, or even your vehicles.

Instead, call 865-340-7230 to request a free price quote for any tree removal and know that the team from Shelton’s Tree Service will get the job done professionally and carefully at a time that works for your schedule and budget. Our complete service can also include removing any unsightly and dangerous stump along with the tree removal at your Knoxville property.

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