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Commercial Tree Service

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Knoxville Commercial Tree Service

Beautiful mature trees are likely to be the first thing a potential client or tenant notices about your commercial property. When professionally maintained, these massive landscape features set the tone for a well-manicured and maintained property that excited future tenants and tells customers you pay attention to every detail. But trees do not achieve this mature and stately look without professional care from a well-qualified arborist and team of tree experts. For over two decades, the Shelton’s Tree Service team has been delivering the top quality Knoxville commercial tree care that makes properties shine and keeps properties profitable and happy. Call 865-340-7230 to learn more about the services and expertise we bring to every job to ensure that your trees send the right message to guests at your commercial property.

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Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning Delivers A Massive Return On Your Investment

The mature trees on your commercial property add a significant amount of value and visual appeal. However, they need regular care to add the most value to the property. At Shelton’s Tree Service, we have a licensed arborist on staff who has dedicated years to studying the proper care of trees, from their biology to the various needs and growth habits of each variety. This strong background and desire to provide the appropriate care to each tree ensures that your trees will get the best preventative maintenance, fertilizing, and diagnosis if any health issues arise. In addition, using a professional arborist will provide many other benefits for your trees and property, including:

Why choose Shelton's Tree Service for your Knoxville commercial needs?

With over twenty years in the industry, this family-owned and operated local business understands the importance of providing quality tree service at a fair and reasonable price. As a result, we have worked diligently to ensure that all commercial and residential customers receive the highest quality tree care in addition to exceptional customer service and responsiveness. This dedication to our customers and the community has been the foundation of our business and is responsible for our continued success.

Our team does not just talk about what sets us apart. We deliver it. From our 24/7 emergency service to expert pruning and trimming techniques, we focus on all the small details it takes to keep your commercial trees looking fabulous while working within your budget. Our goal is to be the partner you know you can count on for fast tree service after a storm or any other time you have a question or concern about your commercial property’s trees. Call 865-340-7230 to request a free price estimate for your commercial tree work or to speak to our arborist about a tree care plan to better invest in the future of your property.