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Tree Service in Knoxville

Shelton’s Tree Service is proud to have been providing exceptional Knoxville tree service to the community for over 20 years. The expertise of our in-house licensed arborist, dedicated team members, and support of our entire family has allowed us to grow into the premier tree service company in Knoxville. As a full-service company that is passionate about Knoxville tree care, we follow nothing but industry best practice guidelines to meet the needs of our valued customers and their trees. Call 865-340-7230 to request a free price quote for any of our professional services, including:

Expert Tree Removal

Experience and expertise are critical when it is time to take down a mature tree. The crew at Shelton’s Tree Service brings decades of experience to each job to ensure the safety of your property, landscape, and surrounding properties. We understand the challenges of removing a tree that is leaning significantly, is diseased, or beginning to decay. To ensure the success of these types of removals, we employ added safety techniques and features so that you never need to worry about additional damage from removing any tree on your commercial or residential property.

Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning In Knoxville

With a licensed arborist on staff, the Shelton’s Tree Service team is exceptionally well prepared to provide horticulturally based pruning and trimming processes to ensure the health and well-being of your trees. We focus on industry best practices to thin, shape, and remove damage without adding to the tree’s stress. This professional service will ensure the longevity and durability of your trees for years to come while also reducing your annual tree-trimming costs.

Comprehensive Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Dealing with storm damage to your trees can be costly and upsetting. But once the damage is done, corrective pruning, thinning, and cleanup are essential. However, you should know that most storm damage can be prevented with professional care from Shelton’s Tree Service experts. And the cost is far less than correcting the damage from a storm. Our primary focus on storm preparation is to allow wind to move through the canopy without damaging it and to ensure the tree’s stability to withstand the forces of nature.

Affordable Stump Grinding

Any decaying tree stump on your Knoxville property represents a potential danger as a tripping hazard and habitat for undesirable guests, including boring insects, pests, and rodents. Professional stump grinding from Shelton’s Tree Service is the fast and affordable solution to remove the eyesore and the potential for rodents and bugs to take up residency.

Complete Commercial Tree Services

Commercial property owners and managers know that their trees add a significant financial value and level of appeal to their Knoxville properties. However, they might not understand that the professional care of a licensed arborist can actually save them money on future maintenance. Well-maintained trees require less frequent trimming, experience less storm damage, and live years longer than neglected trees or ones that receive lower-quality care.

Fast Response For Emergency Services

When you discover a downed tree, damaged tree branches over your house, or a tree leaning significantly, fast, professional service is priceless. The team at Shelton’s Tree Service has been responding to calls for help from the Knoxville community for decades and is ready 24/7 to assist you when you call 865-340-7230. We understand that these emergencies are stressful. So we respond as quickly as possible to put your mind at ease and eliminate any potential hazard on your residential or commercial property. And as with all of our services, we pledge to provide the highest quality workmanship and customer service at the most fair and reasonable prices as our way of thanking you for your loyalty to Shelton’s Tree Service.
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