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Tree Service in Knoxville

Shelton’s Tree Service has proudly served the Knoxville region for over two decades as a family-owned and operated full-service tree care company in Knoxville. In that time, we have worked diligently to meet the needs of our community with exceptional tree services at affordable prices. Our staff understands the value that mature trees add to a property, and we want to help our friends and neighbors enjoy the most added value and beauty from the trees on their residential and commercial properties. So please, call 865-340-7230 for all your tree service needs, and know that we are here 24/7 to help with any tree-related emergencies.

Our Expert Tree Services

As a full-service tree company, Shelton’s Tree Service is here to meet all your needs, from routine trimming and pruning to emergency service and tree removal. In addition, we have a licensed arborist on staff to ensure the proper care of each variety of trees on your property and help you better plan and budget for the long-term maintenance of your trees. We know that many tree services do not share our desire to have a staff arborist. However, we believe that our customers and their trees deserve nothing but the best. And there is no more well informed or educated tree expert than a licensed arborist to guide our team in providing the following services to our valued customers:

Affordable Knoxville Tree Removal

For over 20 years, the Shelton’s Tree Service team has provided fast and professional tree removal services to the community at fair and reasonable prices. In that time, we have become the go-to company for removing trees that present a challenge due to their size, location, or health. Our hands-on experience and attention to detail allow our staff to remove trees safely and cost-effectively to remove the concern and stress weighing on our clients. And we always provide a free price quote, so there are no worries about added costs or undisclosed expenses when the job is done.

Arborist Guided Tree Trimming And Pruning

Proper tree trimming and pruning processes take years of study and practice to perfect. Under the guidance and supervision of our licensed arborist, the pros at Shelton’s Tree Service deliver only the highest quality tree care based on industry-standard best practices for trimming, pruning, and complete tree care. We appreciate the value of your trees and that you are entrusting their care to our staff and arborist. We also look forward to the opportunity to work with you to develop a long-term tree care plan to ensure the longevity and total health of your trees.

Complete Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Knowing that your trees have been appropriately thinned and are ready to face a storm relieves a great deal of stress and concern. There are no worries of dead or decaying branches falling on your home, car, or neighbor’s property. In addition, you know that the small investment you made in storm preparation will provide a great return by eliminating emergency tree care services and the cost to correct massive storm damage. In addition, if your trees were not ready for a storm and sustained damage, Shelton’s Tree Service will mitigate the damage with corrective pruning and storm damage cleanup at the most affordable rates in town.

Professional Stump Grinding

Professional stump grinding is an essential service that is often overlooked. At Shelton’s Tree Service, we want our clients to understand that a decaying tree stump poses several concerns, from a safety hazard to a refuge for boring insects, pests, and rodents that can damage your landscape and home. Our team uses professional stump grinding equipment to quickly and carefully remove all of the stump above grade and eliminate that haven for bugs, fungus, and other undesirable inhabitants. Once the stump is gone, we completely clean up all of the chips and leave your property stump-free and ready for you to enjoy.

Reliable Commercial Tree Services

Commercial tree care poses some unique challenges, from maintaining safety and access for property guests to keeping your trees healthy and attractive while working within your budget. At Shelton’s Tree Service, our team has worked with local property managers and Knoxville owners for over two decades. We strive to achieve a perfect balance that provides a lush, visually appealing property displaying your dedication to proper care and attention to detail without breaking your budget for maintenance. In addition, we are here 24/7 to assist with any tree emergencies that create a safety hazard or obstruction to the full function of your property.

Responsive Emergency Tree Services

When a tree is about to fall, has a massive branch dangling over your home, or has fallen, you need fast service from professionals you know and trust. At Shelton’s Tree Service, we have been responding to emergency calls 24/7 for over two decades with prompt and professional tree removal, tree trimming, and debris cleanup across the community. We understand that these upsetting events create stress and many safety hazards on our customers’ properties. Our priority is always to eliminate the emergency and your stress at a fair price and with friendly and understanding service from your trusted Knoxville tree service company.
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Shelton’s Tree Services is proud to have two decades of experience serving out the Greater Knoxville Area. We are a company of licensed and certified tree care professionals who are committed to our craft. When you schedule service with us you can rest assured that an experienced tree service technician will provide you an honest priced estimate as they walk you through the estimate process for any service needed. Trimming and pruning or complete commercial property maintenance, Shelton’s Tree Services does it all. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today to schedule a service estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Experience and expertise are two primary criteria to look for in a Knoxville tree service company. At Shelton’s Tree Service, we have over two decades of experience in the industry. In addition, we have a licensed arborist on staff to ensure that our teams are always following horticultural best practices when providing care for your trees. Finally, because accidents happen, even when working with the most highly skilled professionals, your Knoxville tree care company must be licensed and carry comprehensive insurance to protect you and your property. We are happy to verify our complete insurance coverage when you call to book work with our team.
As we mentioned above, we are fully licensed and insured for the complete protection of our customers, team members, and our business. We believe that this is simply a cost of doing business in a responsible manner and would not operate without these vital safety features in place. In addition, our staff is happy to provide any client or potential client with copies of our insurance and licensing documentation upon request or submit it to your insurance company to meet their requirements for service in the event of an insurance claim.
Storm damage to your trees can be very costly to correct and even life-threatening if someone is near a falling tree or debris. However, proper storm preparation significantly reduces the potential for storm damage by thinning tree canopies, removing dead or damaged growth, and structural defects in trees. While nothing can guarantee your tree’s durability against the forces of nature, storm preparation is the wise investment to avoid the higher cost of tree removal and repairs to your property from falling trees and debris.
It is not always easy to know when to remove a mature tree. Fortunately, Shelton’s Tree Service has a staff arborist to help guide you in these decisions. It is essential that you evaluate the tree’s overall health, any significant damage, and its age to determine when the tree is in a stage of decline that could cause it to become a safety hazard. Other indications that you should consider removing a tree include one that is leaning significantly or handing over a structure like your home or garage.
Shelton’s Tree Service is here 24/7 to address any tree-related emergency at your home or commercial property. Just call us at 865-340-7230 for a fast response for any Knoxville tree service from tree removal to trimming away damage that is dangling over your house, another structure, or threatening to fall on a walkway or road. Our pros will eliminate any safety hazards quickly, including debris that could create traffic or safety issues at your home or commercial location.
We can all agree that tree stumps are an eyesore. However, you might not know that they also represent safety issues to you and your home. From being a tripping hazard to harboring boring insects, pests, and rodents, decaying tree stumps have no redeeming qualities. The wise approach is to have them removed quickly and professionally by the Shelton’s Tree Service staff. We remove the stump to below the soil level and then clean up all the wood chips and debris to prevent further safety concerns.
Like anything else, when you want the best, you hire a professional. When it comes to the trimming of your trees, it is vital to understand that proper trimming is essential for the longevity and overall health of the trees. Neglect or improper trimming can result in damage to the trees, improper growth, and a safety hazard on your property. Professional Knoxville tree service is a small investment in one of the most significant assets in your landscape.
Shelton’s Tree Service is qualified to work on any commercial property as a fully licensed and insured complete tree care service. In addition, we have the years of experience and expertise you want to keep your mature trees looking great and adding value and visual appeal to your commercial location. And our certified arborist is happy to meet you at the property to create a customized tree care plan to ensure the longevity and beauty of these valuable anchors in your property’s landscape.

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