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Knoxville Emergency Tree Services

While many residents of the Knoxville area will tell you that they love the weather most of the year, storm season can present many challenges for residents and their trees. From high wind to precipitation, the weather can cause severe damage to your trees. Those fallen branches or an entire fallen tree can damage structures, block access to your home or city streets, or even take down power lines to your home. And when any of these unfortunate events occur, you need Knoxville emergency tree services that you can count on for fast and professional service.

With over two decades in the industry, Shelton’s Tree Service has provided 24/7 emergency service when community members need it the most. We are prepared to remove a fallen tree from atop your home, dangling branches creating a severe safety hazard, or to remove a tree that has suddenly become unstable for any reason. Call 865-340-7230 to request immediate service for all your emergency tree services in Knoxville from the experts you know you can trust for fair prices and exceptional work.

The Added Value Of An Arborist

Most consumers think that removing a tree is a relatively simple process. However, when a tree has fallen or suffered significant damage, it can complicate the process. At Shelton’s Tree Service, our staff tree arborist is highly skilled at determining any issues related to damaged structure or weakening of the tree that could result in a significant injury to a person or damage to your property during the removal process. Understanding how trees grow and how they decline and decay with age helps our experts plan for and prevent the worst-case scenarios when removing a tree from your roof, on your property, or dropping a diseased or dead tree. Our arborist’s years of education and training are also essential when removing tree damage to preserve as much of the original growth as possible without adding to the stress on the tree. So call the emergency tree service experts at 865-340-7230, and know that we will get the job done professionally and safely, every time.

Always Focus On Safety

When you have a tree fall or sustain damage, it is easy to think that you can take on the cleanup and trimming process on your own. However, it is vital to think about your safety first and not put a premium on saving a few dollars. Even smaller branches on your roof or a large tree limb on the ground can still be the cause of severe injuries like a fall from the roof, a branch dropping on you or a loved one, or an accident with a saw. Instead of risking your safety and ability to earn your living, leave the emergency tree work to the team at Shelton’s Tree Service. Our pros have the hands-on experience to avoid injuries and damage to your property. And should an unforeseen accident occur, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Call us at 865-340-7230 for any emergency service day or night, and rest assured that any issues will be handled quickly and safely.
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