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Tree services in Maryville

When residents need quality tree service in Maryville, they know that Shelton’s Tree Service is the only company to trust. For over 20 years, this family-owned and operated business has delivered professional Maryville tree care at very affordable prices. Under the guidance of a licensed arborist, all tree care processes follow industry best practices and are based on horticulturally sound strategies used to improve and protect the long-term health of your trees. Call 865-340-7230 for a free price quote from the most respected tree service company in Maryville.
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Expert Tree Removal In Maryville

Many property owners struggle to remove a mature tree from their property. The hope is that a little extra fertilizer can reverse years of neglect, poor care, or storm damage. However, that is not typically the solution. A call to the licensed arborist at Shelton’s Tree Service is the only way to be sure that there are no other options than tree removal for the safety of your property. When that is the case, our pros will provide you with a complete cost for the safe removal of your ailing tree, so call 865-340-7230 today.

Arborist Guided Tree Trimming And Pruning

The Shelton’s Tree Service team is proud to offer the services of our licensed arborist when your Maryville trees need trimming or pruning. After years of study and training, no one knows the biology and structure of your trees better than an arborist. So we can assure you that our expert trimming and pruning will have your trees looking their best and thriving with new healthy growth. Call 865-340-7230 today to request a free price quote to have your trees professionally pruned or trimmed.

Reliable Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Few things are harder on the health of your trees than storm damage. After being ravaged by high wind, the damaged branches can linger for weeks or months, sapping growth resources from the healthy part of the tree. And once the wood dies, it becomes a potential projectile that can damage your home during the next heavy wind. Our expert staff will remove any storm damage and provide the cleanup needed to make your yard attractive and safe again. Or, to avoid this stress on you and your trees, call 865-340-7230 to schedule storm preparation trimming with the experts at Shelton’s Tree Service.

Quality Stump Grinding

Don’t let an unsightly tree stump ruin the appearance of your property or create a safety hazard. The team at Shelton’s Tree Service can have any stump removed quickly and completely using our commercial quality stump grinder. This machine will remove the entire visible stump and eliminate the potential for bugs and rodents to take up residency. Call 865-340-7230 today for a free price quote for stump removal in Maryville.

Maryville Commercial Tree Services

As a property owner or manager, you know that healthy, lush trees make a great first impression. But you also know that it takes a skilled professional to maintain that well-cared-for appearance. The experts at Shelton’s Tree Service, along with our licensed arborist, would like to partner with you for all your commercial tree service needs. We offer all the expert services you need at the most reasonable prices, from routine care and maintenance to emergency tree service or tree removal.