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Tree services in Oak Ridge

Family-owned and locally operated Shelton’s Tree Service has delivered the highest quality Oak Ridge tree care for the past two decades. Thanks to a hard-working team, a dedicated licensed arborist, and fantastic customers, Shelton’s Tree Service continues to thrive. And we remain focused on our goal to provide the community an Oak Ridge tree service company that responds to customers’ needs quickly with affordable solutions. So when you need Oak Ridge tree service, call 865-340-7230 and know that you will soon have a free price quote for any of the following services:

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Professional Tree Removal In Oak Ridge

When you have a tree that is precariously hanging over a structure or leaning near your home or fence, it can be a huge concern. You worry about it falling, dropping damaging debris, or beginning to decline in health. All of these thoughts make you worry about the cost and difficulty of having the tree removed. However, the experienced team at Shelton’s Tree Service will get the job done quickly, affordably, and with no damage to your property. Call 865-340-7230 today for a free price quote.

Professional Tree Trimming And Pruning

The Shelton’s Tree Service team, led by a licensed arborist, is ready to meet all your needs for tree trimming and pruning following all the industry best-practice guidelines. From removing a few stray branches to corrective pruning and thinning, our team will have your trees looking great and thriving in no time. Understanding tree structure and growth habits allow our experts to carefully groom your trees to the gorgeous specimens that will increase your property value.

Essential Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Nothing is worse than walking outside to see trees that have been damaged by a storm and have also damaged your home or landscape. At Shelton’s Tree Service, our experts are here to assist by removing damage from the trees, cleaning up debris, or removing any trees that fell. However, we are also experts at preventing these types of storm damage with thinning and pruning in preparation for storm season. Call 865-340-7230 to have your trees ready to face the next storm with an open, airy canopy and added stability thanks to proper professional storm preparation.

Fast And Easy Stump Grinding

It can take years for an unsightly tree stump to decay and disappear. And all the while, it can be harboring pests, bugs, and rodents that are destroying your yard and even your home. The wise choice is to have any stump professionally removed by the Shelton’s Tree Service professionals. We grind the stump down below the soil level and remove all the wood chips leaving your property looking great and free of that nasty tripping hazard.

Commercial Tree Services In Oak Ridge

Healthy mature trees add to the value of any commercial property. However, neglected or poorly maintained trees are sure to detract from the property’s appeal and can even create safety hazards. The Shelton’s Tree Service team, led by a licensed arborist, is here to provide exceptional care and professional trimming for your commercial trees at reasonable prices. Call 865-340-7230 today for a free price quote.

Fast And Affordable Emergency Tree Services

There is never a good time to discover a tree-related emergency at your home or commercial property. However, when you do, it is comforting to know that a call to 865-340-7230 will have the Shelton’s Tree Service team on the job quickly. We are ready 24/7 to handle any tree or tree debris on your roof, tree removal, or tree damage pruning swiftly and safely to prevent further damage or safety hazards for you and your guests.